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Kiwi Shooter Network was developed by me (Fred Zinsli) as I felt shooters in New Zealand needed some real world representation and a place where they can express their views and comments in an unbiased arena. Yes folks, this site is NZ specific.

Yes, I was sick and tired of getting all of the commercial BS that us shooters are continually force feed.

I have no axe to grind. Nether I nor this site are sponsored in any way, nor am I seeking sponsorship. Although I am not adverse to accepting a donation to help with the cost of power and/or internet to run the server this site is hosted on sitting in my garage. Yes I have a little bit of IT knowledge, so this is all done at my home.

I've been hunting since 1998, and although I'm not a very proficient hunter, I really do enjoy my time in the bush. And I'm really excited that my youngest daughter is keen on hunting as well. I also get a kick out of taking first time shooters out to fire a rifle for the first time, or to shot their first animal (usually a goat).

So here's my one gripe: Far too many fellow hunters are shot and killed in New Zealand. And frankly it is complete bullshit. If we all payed attention to this rule, and I quote from NZ Police website, "Rule 4: Identify your target beyond all doubt" then nobody would get shot. And for the record, to the best of my knowledge no shooter has been shot at a formal shooting range. This proves that the rules work.

My answer is to wear blue in the bush as blue is the only colour that doesn't appear naturally in the bush. So if your shooting at blue things in the bush maybe your a bigger danger to fellow hunters than you realize.

I also feel that ALL hunters and tourist tramping in the outback should carry a PLB. Don't be one of those people who say it will never happen to me. My first experience where I need medical help was when I didn't have a PLB. I had to run for an hour to get cellphone coverage and get a helicopter to extract a fellow hunter I was with. Very unpleasant and very distressing. And the second time was when I fell and hurt my back fairly badly. So I set off my PLB and simply waited for help to turn up. My extreme thanks goes out to those people who came to the rescue.

Please enjoy this site, and if you have any suggestions/comments/complaints, please use the contact form and I will see what I can do.