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  • The ethics of fuel companies

    In New Zealand we are at the mercy of fuel companies that seem to charge what they like for an essential product. It is unfortunate that the general public accept this as a force of nature. Fuel companies feed on this and the cycle is perpetuated. Every fuel company in New Zealand is guilty of […]

  • Retirement versus Medical Retirement

    In New Zealand you are entitled to the pension at age 65. You are entitled to this regardless of the marital status or regardless of your spouses/partners income or even if you decide to continue to work. It is not assessed. You can also be medically retired at any age. This medical retirement is traditionally […]

  • Consumer law and bad business practice.

    In New Zealand any online sale is covered by contract law. However, that law only covers services and not goods. When you accept your online transaction for goods you cannot cancel it. If you do attempt to cancel your online order you are not entitled to a refund. This is because under contract law the […]